At Starkey & Company, we’re more than just your accountant.
We’re your partner in financial success and your most trusted business adviser.

Your Trusted Business Advisor

At Starkey & Company, we’re your biggest fans. Really, we are. We think it should be more fun to visit your accountant than your dentist. We think accounting should look more like a relationship than a transaction. Think backyard barbecue, not the drive-thru. Starkey & Company maintains a unique portfolio of clients, and if you’re looking for something outside the typical accountant box, then we want to add you to our list. We love waking up each day and serving individuals, businesses, and nonprofits in and around the Kansas City metro area.

Like most CPAs, we’ll do your taxes and crunch your numbers. We love numbers, sure, but we love you more. What we do extends beyond taxes and includes a variety of services for you, your business or your nonprofit.

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